Therapy for Parents

Parenting is not for the faint of heart

Parenting can be an extremely stressful and challenging endeavor. Deep fears can rise to the surface and constant worries can keep us up at night. 

It is also a time in life to dig deep, breathe, and look within. 

I provide individual and group support to parents through this often difficult, but rewarding time period, through counseling that focuses on self-understanding, self-care, and mindfulness coping strategies. My goal is to help you increase your sense of ease and joy in parenting through an exploration of your own childhood and how you were parented. This approach draws heavily from Dr. Daniel Siegel's work, including the book, Parenting From the Inside Out. It is a process of "self-study," in which you will learn about yourself and decrease your reactivity to triggering situations with your children. 

I am also a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and bring this knowledge-base to my work with parents. Additionally, I use leading-edge trauma techniques to help parents address personal traumatic experiences that might be impacting their relationships with their children.

Regardless of whether your child is a newborn or in college, our conversations together can help you release fears and worry while establishing more day-to-day peace.