Therapy for Addiction

Healing the Pain

Addiction can drag you and your relationships through the mud and distance you from those you care about most. Your self-identity can morph and change until you barely recognize yourself. The pain and fear of losing yourself to your addiction looms large. However, If you are interested in living without the substance or behavior that has you in its grips, then I can assist you in this journey of exploration and healing.

You might also be someone who has suffered while watching and trying to help a loved one with their addiction. It can be heartbreaking and scary to watch your loved one self-destruct. You might wonder if you are "co-dependent." I provide support to adult partners and/or adult children of alcoholics or addicts. Maybe you've tried repeatedly to get your loved one to address their problem through therapy and they just won't go. I encourage you to prioritize yourself through supportive counseling.

My orientation for treating addiction is based in building mindfulness, increasing self-awareness and self-compassion with past and current relationships, setting emotional boundaries, and understanding cognitive and behavioral links to life patterns. I am supportive of the "12 Step" approach to recovery, but I also recognize and embrace the many varied paths to addiction change, especially for clients who struggle with the "Higher Power" concept or are interested in pursuing a Harm-Reduction Model toward change.